The start

Cognifirm is a spin-off from an AI Web Analytics Company

The Coginfirm journey starts in 2017 as a Canecto journey.

In 2017 Per Damgaard and Per Mikkelsen founded the AI web analytics company called Canecto. We were at that time IT Architect and IT Manager in one of the largest banks in Denmark. But we saw the AI potential and wanted to create AI-based software.

The aim of Canecto was to create an AI assistant that could be used to detect findings from web user behaviour. The findings should let the web site owners know how to improve their website, so they did not have to do web analytics.

Web Analytics as an AI based service

We got funded by a venture fund, and we sat op our offices at the Technical University of Denmark. We managed to recruit some of sharpest and most talented Data Scientists from the University, and they helped us create amazing software solutions with AI.

The three years that it took to develop and fine-tune the AI software was a journey for us into the unknown area of AI development. Per and Per have more than 30 years of combined IT Management experience, but still AI was very new to us. But we learned how AI worked and how to work with AI.

We managed to create and implement more than 20 AI Algorithms that worked. And more than 200 that did not. Because working with AI is a learning process.

Demand for AI advice

What implications will AI have for my business, and how can I get started using the technology?

It was during many of the takes with our customers that we learned one thing: A lot of people were just as interested in our technology and how we created it, as they were in our products. (a bit sad too, we know:-))

Many of the Canecto customers wanted to know how to get started with AI, they wanted to know how to find relevant use cases, and they needed to know what to do to get started to use the technology.

This was the starting point of Cognifrim. Cognifirm helps Corporate Managers and others with a similar interest in getting startd with the business side of AI.

They dod not want to do this by watching TED talks. They wanted to actually applying real AI applications where they would create the most value to them.

We would like to help you too

Know the smart ways you can use AI to create value for your company

If you are like the customers that we know already, then we hope to help you too. You can read our website content; you can enrol in our courses or book os for a speaker event or a workshop. Whatever fits your need the best in your quest to succeed in the age of AI.